Who May or Should Join Us?

Any taxpaying property owner, be an individual or business entity or registered voter in the City of Holyoke is eligible to join us.  Please note that membership qualifications include being a registered voter and/or taxpayer in Holyoke to be eligible for membership.


What are the Benefits of Membership?

Foremost is he opportunity to become a better informed taxpayer – knowing what is going on within the city government is a crucial step in being an informed citizen and a more effective voter.  Further, when you speak in concert with and as a member of the Holyoke Taxpayers Association, your voice is heard as one of a large number of voices rather than as just a single individual.

As a member, you will receive our regular newsletter, which is helpful in keeping you current on all the important city issues, particularly those affecting your taxes as informed voters.  In addition to the newsletter, members have monthly meetings at which members are encouraged to participate in discussion.

We also have an annual meeting.  Meetings offer you a chance to hear interesting speakers who provide timely and helpful information about issues of our local (and sometimes state) government.


Membership:  How do I join?

To join the Holyoke Taxpayers Association or request more information, simply contact any member or call our Executive Office at 413-532-1600 (and leave a message).  You will receive a packet of materials with a form to request membership.  Upon completion of the application and payment of dues, you will begin receiving our newsletter and all member benefits begin immediately.


Cost of Membership

The cost of individual membership for a Holyoke resident without business affiliation continues to be $65 per year.  The cost of a business membership is on a sliding scale.